Classes & Offerings

Choose from any of these classes for your event or studio. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact me. I love being able to offer yoga experiences tailored exactly to your needs.

Shake Your Asana
Shake Your Asana is the space where yoga and dance meet up to play! We use music to let our bodies truly express themselves in a space of non-judgment. We use awareness, asana, dance and periods of free, improvised movement to work out the gunk and leave feeling light and free. Past classes have been set to Reggae, Classic Rock, Soul and Old School Rap, to name a few.


A dynamic mix of flowing Vinyasa and gentle, meditative Yin, this class is all about getting a little bit of everything and going deep.



Prenatal/Mamas Yoga
This class is suited for all mamas at any stage or pregnancy or motherhood. We share, laugh, cry, and leave with renewed spirits and happy bodies. As a doula and mama to a 2 year old, I offer you this space to share your fears, ask questions, receive support, and let your fellow mamas hold you up and support you. Bonds are formed, tensions are released and we leave feeling a renewed sense of value in our role as mothers. Physically, we work to relieve discomforts specific to pregnancy, strengthen the muscles that will be used in the birth process and learn comfort techniques that can be used in labor to help you feel empowered, strong and ready to meet your baby. Postpartum mamas will find relief from achey wrists and shoulders and help re-toning the core and pelvic floors. Mothers are welcome to bring their babies. We work to connect with our babies in the womb and expand our hearts as mothers. We recommend waiting at least 6 six weeks after baby’s arrival to participate in the physical aspects of class, but mamas at any stage will enjoy the space of nourishing calm and being seen and heard.

Yoga & Essential Oils
Bringing essential oils into your yoga practice can elevate and deepen your yoga practice in a powerful way. For more information regarding the role of essential oils in Yoga, please click here.
Yoga With Carina hosts monthly classes in collaboration with Colleen McIntosh where we use essential oils synergistically with a dynamic vinyasa flow to help you relax deeper, enhance your body’s regulatory systems, support your chakras and emotional body, and learn how to use essential oils in your daily life. These classes lead you on a sensory journey designed to bring you balance and relaxation of body, mind and spirit. You will be given oils to smell, taste, and have the opportunity to be massaged throughout.
All oils and poses that we involve are suitable for men and women of all ages, including pregnant and nursing mamas. We exclusively use DoTerra oils due to their high quality and ethical organic growing and harvesting practices.

Morning Movement

Start your day intentionally by connecting with your breath and getting your energy moving with an invigorating flow set to groovin’ music, followed by peaceful stretching and a nice, long savasana. Ahh…



Candlelight Yin/Restorative

Restorative YogaIf you are feeling ungrounded, extra stiff, are experiencing intense stress, or just want to go deeper into your practice and body, please consider this supportive and deeply relaxing class. Yin is a gentle yet effective form of yoga where we hold postures for a few minutes at a time in order to put stress (read: gravity-assisted gentle pressure) on your fascia, ligaments and muscles that are close to the bone. This can help us let go of tension that has been stored deep, break through spaces in our bodies that have been wonky for a long time, and it just feels good to rest while you stretch. Practicing this way also encourages us to tune inward, heightening our intuition, finding clarity of mind and spirit and often times, releasing past hurts and fears that we’ve stored deep in our bodies. We have candles for ambiance and soft music to gently tone the energy body. 

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is the practice of putting the body to sleep while the mind stays calmly awake. 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to equate to 3 hours of restful, nighttime sleep. Yoga Nidra can be enjoyed by everyone, and is especially beneficial for students, professionals and anyone struggling to sleep or de-stress.







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