On Changing My Name

After a long delay, I am officially Carina Devi. I never believed in taking my husband’s name, but I did it anyway because I had thoughts like… “People will call me Mrs. Hislastname anyway”… …”What if we run into problems at school because my child and I don’t share the same last name?”… And, a…Read more »

Rolling Out The Mat

Stuck, stagnant, controlling and dense My brow is furrowed And jaw is tense My muscles have hardened with anxiety and fear I’m not sure how to break out of this thunder I feel How long has it been since I stepped on my mat? I pushed it and pushed it and let everything else win…Read more »


November 14, 2017 I am unharnessed Glowing underneath my skin, wild and free I have made a home in the space of divine solitude I am the Phoenix mother, having returned from the purifying fire, renewed, recharged, recalibrated I am a pulsing magnet Calling in love, light, magic and mystery A grounding station for ether…Read more »