CarinaO = Reverse Warrior - BaumStudioA dancer at heart, Carina’s perspective is informed by music, rhythm, flow and intuition. She was raised by yogis who taught her to love the body in all its forms, and the lessons she learned from a young age about meditation, stillness and reflection are woven throughout each of her classes.

After working as a birth doula and attending yoga classes on and off for years, she attended Silverlake Yoga School’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training to deepen her connection with her doula clients and increase her knowledge of their pregnant bodies. This training awakened her personal yoga practice and she soon learned that her true passion lied in teaching.

After drinking wisdom from some of LA’s best yoga teachers at City Yoga in West Hollywood, she and her family moved to a magical little town in Northeast Oregon, which they have called home ever since. Surrounded by colorful mountains, expansive wildflower meadows, and big blue sky, Carina finds endless inspiration in nature and seasons, incorporating themes from each into her classes.

Carina’s classes focus on deep relaxation and listening to the body while incorporating stretching, strength-building and biomechanics. Her goal is for you to leave each class feeling renewed, relaxed and deeply connected to your heart and highest self.

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