Mountain Lion Medicine

I wrote this after Mountain Lion began showing up in my dreams. She was benevolent and led me around the mountains that surround my home, and eventually to the overlook on my favorite hike, where I often feel this animal’s presence. One dream in particular left me feeling the warmest, coziest, most loving Mama Mountain Lion purring and cuddling me in bed, her cheek rubbing against mine. I awoke feeling completely enveloped in this energy and sought to understand these messages deeper. According to Medicine Cards, “If Mountain Lion comes to you in dreams, it is a time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you”. Mountain Lion teaches us to lead with strength, grace, intention, and balanced power. She prioritizes truth telling, peacekeeping, and leading by example.

November 14, 2017

Mountain Lion, sweet mother Goddess of strength
Carry me on your back and show me your ways
Take me to the mountainside where we unzip portals to consciousness
Letting the seams melt down onto the valley below
Inspiring, changing, spreading beauty, peace, and weaving community

Reveal to me the deeper mysteries of my power

Teach me the tender heart that inspires your purrs
The grounded energy of your bones as your paws kiss the Earth
The passion with which you dive toward threats and pounce on your prey
Walk with me through this time and show me the ways of your mastery

For I am ready to be a master, too.

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