I Will Love Giving Birth

Before I became pregnant with my son, I purchased what I intended to be a Preconception Journal. Doing things consciously is always my intention, and motherhood was no exception. This is the first entry I wrote, having no idea that I was already pregnant. As a testament to the power of visualization, everything I wrote here came true. Feel free to use this as an affirmation while pregnant or trying to conceive.

August 21, 2014

I will love giving birth.

I will love the intensity.

I will find pleasure in the sensations.

I will find pleasure and trust in my body.

I will find stability, love and trust in my husband.

I look forward to the power and pleasure of dancing our baby out.

I chose to accept the process, to relax more deeply than I ever have.

I choose to be calm and accepting.

I choose to take things on their own time throughout conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

I choose an easy, comfortable birthing time.


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