Escape from the Cold

As the Summer nights begin to chill and the colder months seem fast approaching, I find myself meditating on the all-consuming nature of deep Winter. Where I live, there is snow on the ground for 6 months out of the year, on average. Winter is a character in itself and there is much talk of preparation, survival, depression, and escape. Even the most stoic figures in my town willingly reveal their blunt emotions about the snow. I wrote this on a bar napkin in January, while enjoying a glass of wine at my favorite watering hole while I listened to one of my friends serenade the crowd and watched everyone dance and drink, a welcome escape from the harshest Winter we’ve seen in decades. It was well below freezing on this night.

Snowy mountain passes seal us off from the world
Blizzards whisper to us that we are, indeed, within the snowglobes we admire so longingly
Moments of peace, and the ethereal nature of Winter lasts as long as it takes for cabin fever to set in
The grinding of gears, sliding of tires, clicking of chains and cold stuckness bring us back down to Earth like the winds that turn fluffy snowflakes into a stinging storm

Within these bricks, we find beer, escape, and the warmth of reggae on Colton’s guitar
The sounds take us out of our frozen bones and into sweaty, swaying bodies with smiling faces
The inspired fingers of a stirring man l lead us outside of our daily settlement of deep, soul-stealing Winter and into any season, any time, any self, any other
Swaying, sweaty bodies wilt into soaring hearts and glistening eyes like those of every ancestor before us

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